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I was brought into the world on the 1st of September. Michelle was the name my parents gave me, but i prefer it to be Chelle. Currently living my life in a new place 9200 miles away from home, learning as i go. My petite frame is both my advantage and also insecurities. My friends can bring out the crazy bunch of stuff we do at random cases, you might think we are nutcases, but we are just being ourselves. On the outer, i might be seem as a person who often resorted to myself but if you know me better, i will open up and turn super friendly.

List of wonders

cupcakes as birthday cake
pink/white watch
white-framed sunnies
go karaoke with buds
a new handphone
better complexion
better results
learn tennis
get a car
yummy chocolates
bucket full of BR ice cream
pink laptop and accesories
a cool crib of my own
unlimited amount of $$
a trip to Taiwan
a trip to Thailand
an almost perfect boy ;)

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Gone with the wind

April 2012 /

Take a big big bow

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7:17 AM - Monday, April 2, 2012

7 things that brought me joy this week

1. My replacement Ipod Nano that came in the mail safe and sound.

2. Both the parcels from Malaysia containing goodies from Malaysia.

3. This free cup Tim Hortons in Extra Large from Roll Up the Rim.

4. Another free cup of Tim Hortons for me from the previous free cup (:

5. Trip to Elmira for the world largest's Maple Syrup Festival.
- Just because this is the first interesting thing that happened since I've been here.

6. Yummy funnel cake from the festival that is so good the guys went for second round.

7. McD's with a snack which is my new fav.
- The McMini sandwich